Short Bio: 2023

Clinton is a recording artist/singer songwriter from North Central Wisconsin.

His original sets are both solo electric/guitarsynth and acoustic based. 

Style described as: Modern Progressive Pop/Avant-Garde/Singer Songwriter. 

Clinton is currently working on new music for 2023. His latest release "Bleeding Glitter" was released in 2022. 




My Story

Born in Antigo Wisconsin and raised on the
Stockbridge Munsee Indian Reservation near Bowler, WI.
He is an enrolled member of his tribe.
Clinton began teaching himself guitar at age 12 and started
recording and composing his own music by age 14.
An avid artist since the age of six, Clinton's music is an extension
of his artwork framed by life experiences and the paradox
of survival.
Influenced by 70s film soundtracks and 70's prog rock bands - 
Clinton's music can at times take on a cinematic feel with 
an under current of the singer/songwriter genre.
Clinton's albums and live solo shows are always a mixed set of musical adventures.